Nursing is a healthcare profession that focuses on the care of individuals, families and communities for them to attain, maintain or recover optimal health and quality of life.  Professionals in this field are called nurses and there are many different types of nurses.

Some of the different types of nurses are the Cardiac Nurse, Cardiothoracic Nurse, General Medicine Nurse and Labor / Delivery Nurse.

Another way to classify nurses is by identifying if they are Lactation Consultant, Clinical Research Nurse and Forensic Nurse. Lactation Consultant is a type of nurse who step in and help you breastfeed. Clinical Research Nurse on the other hand helps gather and analyze data for clinical trials.  A Forensic Nurse is someone who is involved in the provision of care to victims of crime such as sexual and other types of assaults.

There are many noble professions out there and nursing is one of them.  It is a job that someone can be proud of. When you’re a nurse, patients put their trusts in you. Their lives are in your hands and also in the doctors’ of course. Because of this nature of this job, nurse salary and nurse wages are higher compared to other jobs.

The salary of a nurse in Australia on a per hour basis would range from $24.59 to $32.75 for those who are in the Healthcare industry.

For those nurses who are in the Hospital industry in Australia, their salary ranges from $24.6 to $33.23.

The wage of a nurse in a nursing home in Australia would be $23.07 to $29.56 while the salary wage of those in Residential Care or Assisted Living Facility would be $23.36 to $30.15.

The nurse wage of those in the Family Medicine industry in Australia would be $24.86 to $32.27.

When it comes to uniform, nurses have a special kind of nurse uniform that gives them a certain kind of dignity.  It has this thing called the cap.  The nurses’ cap provides the finishing touch to the nurses uniform, as well as identifying the nurse’s rank and grade.

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